Jordi Wijnalda
Advisor MEDIA - Creative Europe
j.wijnalda [at] creativeeuropedesk.nl

Jordi Wijnalda, Advisor MEDIA - Creative Europe

Jordi Wijnalda, Advisor MEDIA - Creative Europe

As a filmmaker and as a human, I care about a cultural climate that is nourishing, inspiring, and equally accessible for everyone who needs creativity to thrive (which, as far as I’m concerned, is simply everybody). In addition to directing my own films and writing my own books, I’ve been working for film festivals, talent development programmes and in film academia, supporting talent and ideas wherever they may roam.

At Creative Europe MEDIA Desk NL, I happily help artists and artistically-minded people navigate the EU’s smorgasbord of funding and tenders to allow them to bring their vision to life. The audio-visual industry can be a daunting place, especially for those newly emerging onto the scene, but it is also an ever-changing one, constantly revealing new opportunities left, right and centre.

For an extra dose of inspiration, make sure to check out the genuinely life-altering On Being Project (with its inimitable podcasts hosted by Krista Tippett), as well as arguably the best, most deliciously eclectic radio channel out there, France’s Radio FIP.

And, should you be so inclined, you can find my work as a filmmaker/artist on my own website. My last short film, Foster, is available in the Netherlands on NPO Start.