Tim Wildeboer
Tim Wildeboer
Communications Officer
t.wildeboer [at] dutchculture.nl

Tim Wildeboer, Communications Officer

Tim Wildeboer, Communications Officer

Creating meaning, in ways of communication, is for me the core of not only my career but also my personal life. I started making movies with friends at a very young age. This inspired me to pursue a career in media and so I studied Film & Television Science (MA). Throughout my life, I learned about the power of telling stories and the media that are used to communicate them.

In this context, I can honestly say that helping, advising, listening, and understanding are verbs that drive me and enable me to communicate. Without communication and understanding how you can use a medium to communicate, you will not understand anything. That notion is what fascinates me. Media in the broadest sense interests and inspires me. There are so many ways to tell and retell a story and each has the potential to reach different audiences.

I have a special in an interdisciplinary approach where different media are combined and enhance each other in creating meaning. I worked with various media at the Netherlands Film Festival as a programme coordinator.

I joined DutchCulture in 2021, as an advisor for the Media programme at the Creative Europe Desk NL. In January 2023, I joined the Marketing & Communication team, as Communications Officer.