Music Moves Europe: EU support to music

Music Moves Europe: EU support to music

During this presentation at ESNS, representatives of the European Commission will explain this commitment to boosting EU support to the music sector.
woensdag 13 januari 2021 11:00

During Eurosonic Noorderslag 2021 the European Commission, together with the Creative Europe Desk, organises an online conference on the programme Music Moves Europe

After having been hit hard by the pandemic, the European music sector is facing lasting uncertainty and extraordinary challenges. In this unprecedented context, the EU is answering through proactive measures, and notably through the Music Moves Europe initiative. During this presentation, representatives of the European Commission will explain this commitment to boosting EU support to the music sector. What does it mean in practice? What will it mean in the future, especially in the context of the new Creative Europe Programme 2021-2027, which will introduce a specific action on the music sector for the first time? Studies, awards, innovative projects, funding perspectives and new actions: you will get a comprehensive overview and listen to testimonies.

Date & time: 13 January 2021, 11.00 - 12.00


Virgo Sillamaa (Music Estonia, Estonia)
Coordinator at EMEE - European Music Exporters Exchange, and an independent consultant, analyst, researcher and writer. Currently based in Brussels, Belgium. Sillamaa is a board member of Estonian Authors' Society.
Between 2014 - 2020 he served as the founding director at Music Estonia, the Estonian music export office and industry development centre and has had a moderately long career of playing the guitar in various styles and formats, mostly in improvised music. He has furthermore been active in music education as the founding member and first chairman of the Estonian Rhythmic Music Education Society, author of a music theory handbook and a teacher in several Estonian music schools.

Klaartje Bult (Creative Europe Desk NL, The Netherlands)
Klaartje Bult is programme manager Culture for the Creative Europe Desk NL in Amsterdam since 2009 and has worked for more than ten years as a consultant within DutchCulture, Centre for International Cultural Cooperation. She aims to fulfil her professional ambition through facilitating cultural and creative operators in experiencing the opportunities of European and international cooperation. The Culture sub-programme financially supports cultural and creative players to operate across Europe, to reach new audiences and to develop the skills needed in the digital age. The Creative Europe Desk NL provides advice and support with applications and is hosted by DutchCulture, Centre for International Cooperation. DutchCulture supports the implementation of Dutch international cultural policy and contributes to the foreign agenda and cultural image of the Netherlands.

Susanne Hollmann (Deputy Head of Unit, Cultural Policy - European Commission / Directorate-General for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture, Germany)
Susanne Hollmann, born in Germany, studied in Gießen, as well as in Montpellier, and spent most of her working life in Brussels. She holds an academic degree in economics and Roman languages. In 1994 she started her professional career with the International Organization for Migration, before working for the European Social Insurance Partners. In 2001, she joined the European Commission. During the first years, she coordinated international trade relations; in 2004 she joined the Directorate-General for Education and Culture, where she could combine her professional with her personal interests. Today, as the Deputy Head of the Cultural Policy Unit, she leads the work on Music Moves Europe.

Inna Garkova (European Commission - Policy Officer)
Inna Garkova, born in Bulgaria, started her career in Brussels in 2005, dealing with international trade negotiations. In 2013 she joined the fascinating world of culture at the European Commission, combining professional and personal interests. She deals with a wide range of EU initiatives supporting and promoting the EU cultural and creative sectors. In 2019 Garkova joined the Music Moves Europe team. She studied Political Science and European studies in Milan and Amsterdam.

Naaz (Artist, The Netherlands)
Following the release of debut EP Bits of Naaz, her career took off quickly amassing huge support both at home where she won two Dutch Grammies and was nominated for ‘Best Act’ at MTV’s EMAs, whilst internationally supporting Arcade Fire and Jessie J. Naaz is a singer-songwriter and producer, who immediately captures your attention with her distinctive voice. Coming from a Kurdish background, it took some time to convince her family she needed to follow her passion. In the meantime, she taught herself to write, produce and record her own ‘quirk pop’ in her bedroom.

Jose Zagazeta (La Cupula Music, Spain)
Jose Luis Zagazeta is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Sonosuite | La Cupula Music, companies dedicated to bringing innovation to the music business sector. Zagazeta leads both companies from October 2018. La Cupula Music (LCM) is a Music Services company with a strong focus on technology operating at Spanish markets Spain and Latin America. SonoSuite commercialises its digital music supply chain software used by many digital music companies and aggregators around the world.

Céline Lepage (General delegate of FELIN, France)
Céline Lepage is the General Delegate of FELIN, the French federation supporting independent music labels which values their essential role for musical diversity. In 2018, FELIN launched MEWEM, the first mentoring programme for female entrepreneurs in the French music industry. The MEWEMEUROPA component opens in 2020 in partnership with 6 European countries. Lepage is also the administrator of Born Bad Records and has worked with labels Tricatel and Cracki Records.

Zsolt Zsokolai (geographer, historian, urbanist)
Zsokolai is a geographer, historian and urbanist, specialised in regional development and culture-driven urban development. He was involved in the preparation of the successful bid of Pécs to become a European Capital of Culture in 2010. He joined the European Commission in 2010. Since 2017, he has been in charge of Music Moves Europe initiative, as well as the promotion of cultural cooperation with the Western Balkans.


Fabien Miclet 
Fabien Miclet is a French-Irish specialist in European cultural funding, policy, and project management. He currently operates as an independent consultant, sharing his time between Lisbon, Brussels, and Lille. From 2014 to 2017 he oversaw the coordination of Liveurope, the first EU-funded platform bringing together some of the best live music venues from on the continent. Fabien currently supports various music sector organisations on European policy matters, building advocacy and funding strategies. Miclet is the co-author of several studies published in the framework of the Music Moves Europe initiative of the European Union. Fabien is a regular curator, speaker, and moderator in major music industry events and conferences. He also teaches EU lobbying at the University of Lille and European cultural cooperation at the Lille Institute of Political Science. He is a member of the EENCA (The European Expert Network on Culture and Audiovisual), a College of Europe alumnus (Marcus Aurelius Promotion, 2009) and a proud advocate of European cultural diversity.

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